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Marlon Brando Informations rapides
Hauteur 5 pieds 9 pouces
Poids 110 kilogrammes
Date de naissance 3 avril 1924
Signe du zodiaque bélier
Couleur des yeux Bleu

L'acteur américain légendaire Marlon Brando , qui a commencé par imiter d'autres enfants dans sa jeunesse, est aujourd'hui connu comme le Parrain et l'une des stars les plus insondables d'Hollywood du XXe siècle. Après sa mort en 2004, beaucoup de choses ont été révélées par les bandes enregistrées sur les incubes cachées derrière ses hauts dramatiques et ses bas individuellement dévastateurs. Connu pour apporter du réalisme au jeu d'acteur, il a remporté divers prix, dont l'Oscar dans la catégorie Meilleur acteur pour ses rôles dans  On the Waterfront et  The Godfather.

Nom de naissance

Marlon Brando Jr.


Brando, Bud, M. Mumbles

Marlon Brando comme `` le parrain ''


Marlon Brandon est né le 3 avril 1924.


Marlon Brando est décédé le 1er juillet 2004, à l'âge de 80 ans, au Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, Californie, États-Unis en raison d'une fibrose pulmonaire.

Signe du soleil


Lieu de naissance

Omaha, Nebraska, États-Unis




Marlon Brando était un lycéen à la Libertyville High School , dans l'Illinois, à la fin des années 1930. Il a ensuite fréquenté l'  Académie militaire Shattuck , Faribault, Minnesota, mais a abandonné dans sa dernière année en 1943.

Plus tard, Brandon a rejoint l' American Theatre Wing Professional School au Dramatic Workshop de la New School à New York en 1943. Ensuite, il a poursuivi le théâtre au Stella Adler Studio of Acting Alumni .


Acteur, réalisateur, activiste, écrivain


  • Père - Marlon Brando, Sr. (1895–1965) (fabricant de pesticides et d'aliments chimiques)
  • Mère - Dorothy Julia (1897-1954) (actrice et administratrice de théâtre)
  • Frères et sœurs - Jocelyn Brando (1919–2005) (actrice), Frances Brando (1922–1994)
  • Autres - Eugene Everett / Everet Brando (grand-père paternel), Marie / Maria Belle Holloway (grand-mère paternelle), William Johnson / John Pennebaker (grand-père maternel), Bessie Grace Gahan (grand-mère maternelle)


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5 pi 9 po ou 175 cm


110 kg ou 242,5 lb

Petit ami / petite amie / conjoint

Marlon Brando daté -

  1. Vito Christi - Marlon et Vito ont eu une relation de courte durée ensemble.
  2. Rock Hudson  - Selon la rumeur, l'acteur Rock Hudson était sorti avec Marlon.
  3. Ellen Adler (1943-1944) – Marlon met Ellen at her mother Stella Adler’s acting classes. Ellen, who was 16 years old at the time, started dating a 19-year-old Marlon. Their relationship ended the following year when Ellen’s mother asked Marlon to marry her daughter if he wanted to see her again.
  4. Elaine Stritch (1943) – Actress Elaine had dated Marlon the same time as Ellen Adler but their relationship was also short-lived.
  5. Stella Adler (1943) – Actress Stella Adler and Marlon had an intimate fling but were caught in Brandon’s dress room naked on the production of Mama.
  6. Leonard Bernstein – Composer Leonard and Marlon Brando were in a relationship for a little less than a year.
  7. Noel Coward – English writer Noel Coward dated the rising star Marlon Brando for a while.
  8. Lucy Saroyan – Actress Lucy was struggling between having a successful career in acting and dating Marlon Brando at the same time, which led to a short-lived relationship between the two.
  9. James Dean (1949) – Actor James Dean and Marlon had a secret sadomasochistic relationship in 1949. They would both meet with each other for master & slave s*x. Marlon would make Dean watch him have s*x with strange people and would also burn his chest with cigarette stubs. Their relationship did not last very long though.
  10. Ingrid Bergman – Swedish Actress Ingrid Bergman had a short-lived intimate relationship with Marlon Brando.
  11. Rita Hayworth – Actress and singer was rumored to be dating Brandon Jr. in the past.
  12. Eva Marie Saint (1954) – Actress Eva Marie Saint had a short-lived fling with Marlon while they were working together on the set of On The Waterfront.
  13. Hedy Lamarr – The Austrian actress and Marlon had a fling.
  14. Montgomery Clifford – Marlon and actor Montgomery were speculated to be good friends and also to be in a relationship in the past.
  15. Paul Newman – Actor Paul and Marlon were supposed to be dating each other as per the rumors.
  16. Édith Piaf – French singer Piaf would drive to the set of A Streetcar Named Desire, a dozen times because she’d fallen in love with Marlon Brando.
  17. John Gielgud – The British actor John has dated Marlon Brando Jr. in the past.
  18. Burt Lancaster – Rumors were that actor Burt was dating the legendary actor Marlon Brando, better known as The Godfather.
  19. Gloria Vanderbilt – Designer Gloria and her friend Carol Grace hooked up with him for a one night stand after watching the movie On The Waterfront.
  20. Marvin Gaye – The famous singer Marvin Gaye had a steamy relationship with Marlon Brando back in the days.
  21. Tyronne Power – Marlon and Tyronne Power were considered to be in a relationship in the past.
  22. Shelly Winters (1951) – Actress Shelly Winters and Marlon had a one night stand after she saw him shirtless, taking pictures down the hallway in her apartment. Marlon had to leave at 5 a.m as Burt Reynolds, her husband, paid an unexpected visit.
  23. Vivian Leigh (1951) – British actress Vivian cheated on her husband with Marlon Brando.
  24. Katy Jurado (1952-1961) – Marlon fell for Mexican actress Katy Jurado after watching her movie named High Noon. They later met on the set of Viva Zapata in Mexico in 1952. At the time, Marlon also had an affair with Mexican actress Movita Castaneda and was in a relationship with Rita Moreno too. Katy still dated him as she was asked out on a date and it soon turned into an extended affair until she met actor Ernest Borgnine.
  25. Jackie Collins (1953) – English writer Jackie was only 15 when she was expelled from a school in England and Marlon Brando seduced her at a party. At the time, not only was her affair illegal but it was also the cause of a break between her and her older sister, actress Joan Collins, who also had a relationship with Brando.
  26. Diahann Carroll (1954)
  27. Merle Oberon (1954)
  28. Jossane Berenger (1954-1955)
  29. Rita Moreno (1954-1962) – The Oscar-winning actress was obsessively in love with Marlon Brando for 8 years. She admired and found him very handsomely devilish as he had a dark side too. During their relationship, he got married to 2 women and fathered both their children. When Moreno discovered she was carrying Brando’s child inside her, Brando immediately ordered an abortion and after the abortion was done, he asked a friend to drop her home. Upon returning home, she began bleeding profusely and realized that the abortion was botched and the baby had died inside her and she was rushed to the hospital where the fetus was removed. Marlon later left her to go to shoot Mutiny on a Bounty and he fell for his co-star Tarita Teriipia who he married later on. After having enough with Marlon, Rita tried to commit suicide by eating all of Marlon’s sleeping pills and laying back to die, but she was found on time and was rushed to the hospital and when she returned, she left him for good.
  30. Rosanna Rory (1955)
  31. Marilyn Monroe (1955) – Marlon started dating actress and singer Marilyn Monroe in 1955. They had a short-lived affair in contrary to the rumors of them having a decade-long relationship. But, they remained friends and Marilyn was also accompanied by Marlon to the premiere of The Rose Tattoo.
  32. Tallulah Bankhead (1956)
  33. Virginia Leith (1956)
  34. Anna Kashfi (1956-1959) – Irish-American film actress Anna and Marlon Brando got married on October 14, 1957. Together they had a son named Christian Devi Brando. In 1959, the couple finally got divorced and they fought for the custody of their son in which Marlon Brando took the lead.
  35. Ava Gardner (1957)
  36. Joan Collins (1959)
  37. France Nuyen (1960)
  38. Movita Castaneda (1960-1962) – Brando married Mexican-American actress Movita Castaneda in 1960 and fathered 2 children with her – Miko Castaneda Brando (b. 1961) and Rebecca Brando (b. 1966). Eventually, they got a divorce in 1962.
  39. Tarita Teriipaia (1962-1972) – The former actress and 3rd wife of Marlon Brando, Tarita Teriipaia, got married to him in 1962 and together they had 2 children – a son Simon Teihotu and a daughter Cheyenne. The couple met at the set of Mutiny on the Bounty (1962). Their relationship lasted for 10 years before ending up in a divorce in 1972.
  40. Eartha Kitt (1962)
  41. Jacqueline Kennedy (1964)
  42. Cynthia Lynn (1964)
  43. Valerie Varda (1964-1965)
  44. Patricia Quinn (1970-1971)
  45. Jill Banner (1976-1980)
  46. Christina Ruiz (1988-1996)
  47. Christian Marquand (1994-2000) – Rumor
  48. Heidi Fleiss (1997)
Marlon Brando avec Eva Marie Saint

Race / Ethnicity


Marlon was of English, Irish, German, Dutch, French Huguenot, Welsh, and Scottish descent.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Square jawline
  • Unique voice

Brand Endorsements

Marlon Brando had been spotted in a Rolex TV commercial besides the actors Bill Paxton, Harrison Ford, and Jim Carrey.

Marlon Brando sur le tournage de son premier film 'The Men'


Deism (belief in God being the Creator as well as the Supreme Being who does not control the existing life directly)

Best Known For

  • His classic appearance as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather (1972)
  • His legendary acting as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire (1947)

First Film

Marlon Brandon starred as Ken in his first theatrical film The Men in 1950.

First TV Show

Marlon Brando made his first TV show appearance as a doctor in the TV series Actor’s Studio in 1949.

Personal Trainer

Marlon Brando self-trained himself without a trainer or a chef and set the benchmark for the leading men.

Marlon Brando dans son look classique en tant que 'The Godfather'

Marlon Brando Facts

  1. As far as his acting skills were concerned, Marlon Brandon was taught by Stella Adler, from whom he learned the techniques of the Stanislavski system, and then, he started learning from Elia Kazan at the actor’s studio.
  2. Brando wrote an autobiography Songs My Mother Taught Me in which he had expressed sadness about his mother as she was an alcoholic much like his father.
  3. As a child, Brando Jr. was always undermined and abused by his father.
  4. In 1935, Brando’s parents separated when he was just 11 years of age.
  5. In 1937, his parents reconciled and moved back together to Libertyville, Illinois.
  6. Marlon worked as an usher at The Liberty, the town’s only theatre, in 1939 and 1941.
  7. Bradon’s natural instinct for mimicking began in his youth.
  8. Due to a football injury in high school, Marlon was rejected when he applied to join the army.
  9. Marlon was expelled from Shattuck Military Academy for disobeying the orders of the authorities and had also sneaked out into town when confined to his room for disrespecting an army colonel. But, after he was invited back by the academy after the expulsion, he rejected it and didn’t go back.
  10. The first time Marlon Brando ever heard good about himself was when he was selected for acting in New York.
  11. According to the diary of Marlon Brando’s daughter Cheyenne, her father used to massage her in an inappropriate and seductive manner.
  12. He was ranked no. 13 in the Empire (UK) magazine’s The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time list of October 1997.
  13. Marlon’s eldest son Christian Brando was arrested for murdering his half-sister’s boyfriend Dag Drollet in 1990.
  14. Brando’s son was sentenced to 10 years in prison in March 1991 but was released in January 1996.
  15. Reportedly, Marlon Brando was once expelled from high school for smoking in the corridors.
  16. He was expelled from military school for lighting a firecracker bomb in front of a teacher’s room and also for riding a motorcycle through the corridors.
  17. During the shoots of his film, Brando’s attitude made it very difficult for his co-workers to work along with him.
  18. He had also worked as an elevator operator.
  19. Marlon Brando’s hasty decision to get an abortion for Rita Moreno nearly killed the actress.
  20. In the 1950s, Marlon Brando was considered the 4th greatest male actor by the American Film Institute.
  21. Marlon was known to be a womanizer and had many children.
  22. During his last years, he suffered from diabetes and liver cancer.
  23. In 2002, Marlon hosted an acting class for 10 days and Edward James Olmos, Whoopi Goldberg, Pete Coyote, Jon Voight, and Leonardo DiCaprio were some of the actors who joined the mix.
  24. During the production of Mama, a member of the crew caught Brando and his teacher Stella naked on the floor in Brando’s dressing room.
  25. Brando was also in a relationship with Stella’s daughter Elle.
  26. Actor Gianni Russo ‘threatened to kill’ him after being refused by Marlon Brando on the set of The Godfather. But, he impressed Marlon so much that he got selected for the role of Carlo Rizzi in the movie.
  27. Marlon Brando was mentioned in Madonna‘s song Vogue in 1990.
  28. He was a dear friend to Michael Jackson and used to visit his Neverland Ranch quite frequently.
  29. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Marlon dropped his lead role in his major film The Arrangement in 1969.
  30. In 1964, he was busted for protesting against a broken deal that was promised under the Native Americans fishing rights in Puget Sound.
  31. Brando had refused to accept the award for the best actor for his outstanding performance in his movie The Godfather.
  32. Brando bought his own island in 1968 after falling in love with it at the shoot of film Mutiny on the Bounty (1962).
  33. In the movie Superman, Brando read his lines off Superman’s diapers.
  34. Marlon was paid $2 million to star as the priest in Scary Movie 2 (2001).
  35. He starred in a Charlie Chaplin movie A Countess from Hong Kong in 1967.
  36. Marlon invented and patented a new way to tune his favorite conga drum.
  37. He spoke 5 different languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.
  38. Brando had directed the film One Eyed Jacks (1960).
  39. L'acteur Wallace Maynard Cox et Marlon sont restés amis proches pendant 18 ans jusqu'à la mort de Wallace en 1973.
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