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Nom de naissance

Karen Fukuhara



Karen Fukuhara montrant sa nouvelle couleur de cheveux dans un selfie de novembre 2016

Signe du soleil


Lieu de naissance

Los Angeles, Californie, États-Unis




Après avoir obtenu son diplôme d'études secondaires, Karen Fukuhara s'est inscrite à l' Université de Californie à Los Angeles  pour obtenir un baccalauréat ès arts en sociologie et théâtre en 2014.




  • Père - Son père travaille dans une entreprise japonaise.
  • Mère - Sa mère est professeur de piano.
  • Frères et sœurs - Elle a un petit frère.


Karen Fukuhara est représentée par United Talent Agency, basée à Beverly Hills.




5 pieds 2 pouces ou 157 cm


50 kg ou 110 lb

Karen Fukuhara avec son amie Arden Cho en mars 2017

Race / origine ethnique


Elle a une ascendance japonaise.

Couleur de cheveux


Couleur des yeux


Orientation sexuelle


Caractéristiques distinctives

  • Petite figure
  • Pommettes saillantes
Karen Fukuhara au San Diego Comic-Con International 2016

Plus connu pour

  • Être jeté dans le rôle de Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana dans le film de super-héros d'action, Suicide Squad  (2016).
  • Ayant prêté sa voix aux personnages d'Alexis et de Sewer Queen dans la série télévisée d'animation Craig of the Creek , diffusée sur Cartoon Network.

Premier film

In 2016, Karen made her theatrical film debut in the popular action-comedy flick, Suicide Squad.

First TV Show

In 2016, Karen Fukuhara made her first TV show appearance as herself on the talk show, Conan.

Personal Trainer

To prepare for her role of Katana, Karen had to undertake a specialized and grueling training regime. Her training regime comprised of martial arts training, sword training, and gym work. She also had to undertake a weight training regime so that she could lift the sword and wield it flawlessly. The sword training gave her a good core workout.

She did martial arts training under the guidance of Richard Mesquita. For the stunts and action sequences, she had to work with Richard Norton and Guy Norris.

After the end of the Suicide Squad shoot, Karen changed her workout routine. She tries to go to the gym as much as possible. The workout starts with rower or treadmill. It is followed by weight training. Karen has also started going back to karate dojo that she used to train at while in high school.

Regarding food, she doesn’t follow any diet and loves to eat carb-rich pasta and rice. However, to prepare for her role, she had to follow one. She had to eat a lot of chicken breast, quinoa, and green vegetables. However, she didn’t have to worry about meal preparation as she was given customized meals on the movie sets.

Karen Fukuhara Favorite Things

  • Dream Director – Christopher Nolan
  • Spirit Animal – Alpaca
Source – Hollywood Reporter, Coup de Main Magazine
Karen Fukuhara dans un selfie Instagram en septembre 2016

Karen Fukuhara Facts

  1. While studying in high school, she was a karate champion. However, she had only got into karate because her brother had started karate and her mother wanted Karen to babysit him.
  2. To prepare for her role in Suicide Squad, she perfected her sword fighting skills. She also did most of her stunts in the movie on her own.
  3. Before she got her big break in Hollywood, she did a number of odd jobs including working as a subtitle editor, part-time translator, and waitress at a sushi restaurant.
  4. When she learned that she was going to be cast in Suicide Squad, she was working as a translator for a Japanese model.
  5. Her suicide squad co-star Margot Robbie tattooed SKWAD on her heel, while they were shooting for the movie. Robbie had got tattoo gun as a birthday present.
  6. While growing up, her first language at home was Japanese. Her father still can’t fluently converse in English.
  7. For her audition tape for Suicide Squad, she borrowed a sword from her friend and learned moves a day before she taped her audition.
  8. When she got her role in the successful DC movie, she didn’t have an agent.
  9. In karate, she has managed to earn a brown striped belt. She used to fly to Japan for various karate world championships.
  10. She managed to bag her first professional gig while she was in middle school. She was hired as a reporter for Disney Channel’s Movie Surfers, in which she got to interview many actors including Johnny Depp, who were cast in Disney projects.
  11. Pendant ses études au lycée, elle a travaillé en tant que journaliste sportive pour un réseau de télévision japonais, NHK.
  12. Pendant ses études à l'UCLA, elle était membre du groupe Cappella de l'université, UCLA Medleys. Elle chantait pour le groupe.
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Image présentée par Karen Fukuhara / Instagram

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