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Nom de naissance

Adam Joseph Scherr


Adam Scherr, Braun Stowman, Le nouveau visage de la destruction, La montagne d'un homme, Le monstre parmi les hommes, Le mouton noir, L'abominable Strowman

Braun Strowman vu en avril 2016

Signe du soleil


Lieu de naissance

Sherrills Ford, Caroline du Nord, États-Unis


Orlando, Floride, États-Unis




Braun a étudié au lycée Bandys et a obtenu son diplôme en 2001. Pendant ses études secondaires, il était très actif dans divers sports, du football à l'athlétisme et à la lutte.

Après une interruption de 2 ans de ses études, il s'inscrit dans un collège communautaire en 2003.


Lutteur professionnel, ancien Strongman


  • Père -  Rick Scherr (l'un des plus grands joueurs de softball lent)
  • Frères et sœurs -  Hannah Scherr (sœur cadette)


Braun Strowman est signé à la WWE.




6 pieds 8 pouces ou 203 cm


175 kg ou 386 lb

Braun Strowman dans un selfie Instagram en septembre 2017

Petite amie / conjoint

Braun Strowman’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend from his home state broke off. He was in a relationship with her much before he began his wrestling career. The name of his ex-girlfriend is not known. Braun is registered with Tinder and hopefully, he will find his new lady love there.

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Long thick beard
  • High forehead with frown lines
  • Big glaring eyes
  • Both sides of the head are shaved leaving the middle section of the hair long and tied into a pony.
Braun Strowman en avril 2016

Best Known For

  • Winning several championships such as Europa Battle of Champions (2010), Monster of the Midland (2010), Summerfest Strongman Competition (2011), NAS US Amateur National Championships (2011), Central GA Strongest Man (2011), West Carry Fall Festival of Power (2011), and Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships (2012).
  • His signature moves like the clothesline, sidewalk slam, flapjack, body avalanche, body block, chokeslam and his finishing moves that include running power slam and lifting arm triangle choke.
  • His strength and power in the ring. He is known and feared by his opponents as the unstoppable “monster”.

First Wrestling Match

He made his wrestling debut at an NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida on December 19, 2014, as Braun Stowman.

First TV Show

In 1995, he made his first TV show appearance in WWE Raw.

Personal Trainer

Braun goes to the gym every day. His usual workout routine consists of weight training, cardio, and conditioning.

Braun consumes around 12,000–13,000 calories per day. He does not follow any diet. He eats anything when he is hungry.

On a daily basis, he takes 3 entrées, binge eat Chipotle during the week and snack in between meals. Apart from that, he eats a lot of Mexican food. At his favorite Mexican restaurant, he would normally order a bowl of 1 scoop of rice, grilled vegetables, 3 scoops of steak, 2 scoops of chicken, guacamole, corn, and sour cream. He works out in the gym as much as he eats.

Braun StrowmanFavorite Things

  • Food – Chipotle
  • About Being A WWE Superstar – Power to give back especially to children and see their happy faces.
  • Band – Metallica, Skrillex
Source – IB Times, Wrestling Inc, 411 Mania
Braun Strowman dans un selfie Instagram en août 2017

Braun StrowmanFacts

  1. He has played football semi-professionally for 4 years.
  2. He was previously a skilled strongman competitor.
  3. In August 2014, he joined the wrestling group The Wyatt Family.
  4. He was one of Adam Rose’s party poopers, named Rosebud.
  5. In reality, he is one of the funniest superstars in the WWE family.
  6. He wears a black goat mask during ring entrances and promos.
  7. He listens to rap music when he is doing cardio because he hates cardio.
  8. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Image présentée par Miguel Discart / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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